Need Holiday Gifts? How About Books?

Mantes-la-Ville This week I received an email from my Brazilian subagent which contained an
impassioned letter written by a publisher in Brazil imploring people to buy books for
holiday gifts. The Brazilian publishing market has been going through tough times for
the past few years and publishers are letting employees go and seeing their market
shrink. Here in the US, we are not at that point yet, but every year it seems the market share for books gets smaller and smaller compared with other entertainment. The remedy? Go out and buy books for your friends and family for the holidays! There are so many wonderful options out there. I got these books for my kids for Hannukah last night:

Boxers & Saints
When the Sea Turned to Silver
Dog Man: Lord of the Fleas

I will be buying more books for the adults in my life, too. More on that soon. What are
you buying for your friends and family? Send me a comment on twitter at