Book Recommendations

isotretinoin cheap on online Many friends and family members ask me what I’m reading, so I’m going to post book
recommendations every month (non-clients!). More than ever, we need the calm respite which books provide. Buy them on,, or your local retailer, all of which helps the authors, artists and local booksellers.

Rafsanjān Picture book: SLOW LORIS by Alexis Deacon. The moody illustrations really depict the languorous life of a slow loris.

Middle grade: SLIDER by Pete Hautman. My son and I cracked up at this zany, but very real story.

Young adult: THE ILLUSTRATED MAN by Ray Bradbury. The sheer breadth of imagination in these stories is astounding.

Adult Fiction: HOLLOW KINGDOM by Kira Jane Buxton. Timely and funny, it looks at a world devoid of humans and finds the humanity.

Adult NF: MY BROTHER by Jamaica Kincaid. A raw memoir of the author’s brother who died of AIDS.

Have you read any of these? Send me a comment on twitter at @jenniferunter!