Turning Inward

Life as a working mom can get overwhelming, particularly in September. The Meet the Teacher Night/Curriculum Night and meet the parents mixers along with book parties for all of the new fall titles, while fun and enervating, can also quickly become
exhausting. During the weeks when I have events three nights out of 5, I cherish my nights at home, talking with my kids, watching the news and hunkering down with a new book. In anticipation of reading the new Margaret Atwood title, I recently got The Handmaid’s Tale which I’ve never read (nor watched…I know, crazy!) and am looking forward to cracking it open tonight.

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I was never that into audio books (I find that my mind wanders and I miss half of the
scenes), but I am loving podcasts. From humor to advice to suspense to politics, it’s all there, but there are so many that it’s hard to choose. Here are some I’ve enjoyed in the last 6 months:

  • My Dad Wrote a Porno: my current favorite. It is laugh-out-loud funny and so sharp.
  • Homecoming: even though Julia Roberts is fabulous, the podcast is better than the TV show.
  • This America Life: so many episodes really get to the heart of life and what’s important.
  • In the Dark: in-depth crime reporting.
  • Dirty John: true crime that really is stranger than fiction.

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The Ides

I just found out that the Ides of March is not so special after all. Perhaps for Julius Caesar it was, but in Roman times, the ides was just another way of saying the 15th day of the month. So, it’s one in a dozen. Not a big deal. However, I always feel a sense of weight on the Ides of March, like something significant and mysterious should happen.

Nothing does happen, but it’s the portent of an event that makes it interesting. I give credit to my high school English teacher for making that day stand out a little bit from
all of the other 15th’s. And to William Shakespeare, of course.

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Happy 2019!

Is one of your goals for 2019 to write more? I know many authors who have the same goal. Writing more can be easier if you’re part of a community. Most of my authors are part of a writer’s group, whether it’s online or in-person. A group is great for advice-giving and for holding the writer accountable to his/her goals. Even Twitter, which is mostly the opposite of a supportive community, has groups of authors encouraging other authors!

If you aren’t part of a group and are pressed for time, here is a great piece of advice from one of my authors, Sue Fliess, for those who are attempting picture books. At the very least, sit down and write 10 words a day. That’s almost 2 lines in a picture book!

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