Changing Face of Book Expo

I recently attended BEA (Book Expo America) and it was somewhat disconcerting.  While it was crowded with lots of people bustling about, the air of excitement was missing.  At least was for me, and I talked to a number of other publishing colleagues who agreed.

I also attended some parties that were a bit lackluster.  Parties? Lackluster? Those words shouldn’t be in the same sentence.  But, here we were, at a blah BEA. Some people attribute it to the missing BIG book of the year.  There is nothing that is grabbing everyone’s attention. Others attribute it to the rise of BookCon and the focus on fans, and notably those who have them.  

I haven’t attended BookCon yet, maybe it’s time that I try that out.  That may be where the action is. What do you think? Send me a comment on twitter at @jenniferunter!