The Joy of Reading with Children

One of my greatest parenting joys has been, and still is, reading to my children. I read picture books over and over (our copy of CHICKA CHIKA BOOM BOOM fell apart), most of the entire LITTLE HOUSE IN THE PRARIE series to my daughter, and many of the 39 CLUES books to my son. The last book I read with my son, PAX by Sara Pennypacker, was so beautiful we both cried at the end, and I felt a shared closeness over our love of this exquisite book.

Now we’re reading one of the Hardy Boys mysteries. I didn’t think he would like it, considering some of the language is decidedly hokey, but he’s loving the mystery of it and the fact that these boys are doing things on their own to solve the never-ending puzzles.

Before I was a parent, I worked in adult books and didn’t think children’s books were my thing. Now fully half (and maybe more) of the books I work on are children’s and I love the freedom and exploratory nature of the children’s book world.

What books do you love to read to your kids? Send me a comment on Twitter @jenniferunter!


Photo by Ugur Akdemir on Unsplash